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Astral Sea long burning bulk wholesale incense sticks

Your Wholesale Incense Warehouse Central

Our high quality of wholesale incense and fragrance products have been in production for over 25 years now and yet affordable. We use only essential oils and the highest quality fragrance oils available. This Guarantees your business will have return customers with Astral Sea products.

We can custom blend essential and fragrance oils to create some of the best fragrance oils on the market, incense sticks, cones, powders and bath salt supplies in both packaged and bulk. We now have expanded our fragrances so that you can complete more of your business needs.

Home of the original Fairy Farts ™ fragrance which has become a favorite everywhere and yes we are the creator of this fragrance. Bring a smile to someone, Fairy fart them!

incense sticks
Wholesale Incense. Sticks, packaged and bulk in 11″ natural or 9″ & 11″ Charcoal

wholesale incense cones
Wholesale Incense Cones
. Packaged and bulk in 1″ and 2″ jumbo cones.

wholesale incense powders
Wholesale Incense Powders and Resins
. Packaged and bulk by the pound. Four lines to choose from.

wholesale amulets and smudges
Wholesale Amulets, Smudges, and Sweetgrass Braids
.White, Grey & Cedar Smudges

Wholesale Incense Burners
Wholesale Incense Burners
. Traditional ashcathers and round styles for your convenience.

wholesale baths salts
Wholesale Bath Salts
. Packaged in bags or bottle, as well as 50 pound bulk prices for you to label yourself

wholesale fragrance and essential oils
Wholesale Fragrance Oils
. Over 150 fragrances bottled or bulk (4, 8 & 16 oz) for your own labeling.

wholesale perfume creams
Wholesale Perfume Creams
. Our own blend of all natural creams with a beeswax base.

wholesale smokeless incense
Wholesale Smokeless Incense

wholesale aroma lamps
Wholesale Aroma / Wax Warmer Lamps

wholesale body spray
Wholesale Body Sprays

wholesale goblets
Wholesale Goblets & Chalices

We make all our fragrance products our self, we blend some of the finest fragrance oils on the market and hand dip our and package them ourselves making most of our products made in the USA.



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