Incense Powders by Astral Sea

Incense for the Rituals of Life

R-GuardianAngelOur classic formulations of fine natural herbs and oils are designed to enhance the rites of passage, transformation, and spiritual growth that are so important in your life. We have created ritual incense blends from many different traditions to suit the many experiences in your life.

RTPThumbThese blends of herbs, oils and wood powder are compounded using the finest natural ingredients. Each unique incense has been formulated to be used for a particular purpose, as identified by the name. All the blends have been extensively researched for appropriate elements, and blended with intent. Although we are not allowed to make any claims for these products, we will let their historical and traditional names speak for themselves.

Burn these complex and long lasting incenses over charcoal.

Packaged in 8 dram bottles and in bulk by the pound.


Incenses from the Tree of Life Incense are based on the Kabalistic Tree of Life. The Kabalistic Tree of Life is a system of knowledge, which includes astrology, color therapy, chakra work and personal spiritual growth. Our incenses reflect this many-faceted metaphysical tradition. Use them to stimulate and inspire your own spiritual path.


Powdered Chakra incense with the Essence of Gemstones to Awaken the Energy Centers of the Body. The major chakras are energy vortexes, occurring where seven major organs and nerve centers align with the spine. According to centuries old Indian Tradition, when all the chakras are awakened and in balance, the Kundalini Serpent of personal power and awareness rises, releases its energy, and connects us with the Universal Spirit. Use our incenses in their rainbow of gem colors, to awaken and balance your inner energy. 8 dram glass vial. These powdered incenses can be burned without charcoal. Simply place a small amount for the incense in an appropriate burner and light with a match. Allow the colors, fragrances and gem essences to awaken and balance your inner energy.


Each or our Timeless Traditions Incenses contains fine herbs and oils, and each blend includes special minerals, stones, crystals, or seashells. Timeless Traditions Incense can be burned with or without charcoal. Simply place about 1 teaspoon into a burner, form a pile, and light with a flame.

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