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Purchase our Incense display stand or see how to make your our incense display and save money. Over 20 years at making incense, selling incense and other quality fragrance products to keep our customers happy. Below are instructions for a DIY display.

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Making your own Incense Display Stand for Bulk Incense (loose incense) DIY

An inexpensive way to display your bulk incense and look good.

Materials Needed: Circular saw or jig saw, drill (preferred) or hammer, 2 oz. 1 1/2″ screws or nails, 8 2″ screws or nails, sq. yard of the fabric of your choice, one 2″ x 4″ possibly two, jars (enough for the number of incense to be displayed)

1. Purchase quart size Mason Jars and Rings for the number of incense fragrances you are planning on selling. Other jars of containers will work just as well. The ideal size is no less than 2″ dia. and no more that 3 1/2″ dia., 2″ opening will give you room for approx 200 standard size incense sticks. Height of the jar should not be more than 2″ or 4″ shorter than your sticks.

2. Measure the depth of the shelf you will be displaying your incense on, most standard shelving is 12″.

3. Measure the diameter or with of the jar your incense will be displayed in. As an example we will use a 3″ wide jar on a 12″ shelf will give you four tiers.

4. Using the the example above of 4 tiers on a 12″ shelf, divide the number of incense you wish to sell by 4. Let’s say you plan on selling 32 fragrance, 32 divided by 4 would give you 8 jars per row, with your jars being 3″ you would need 3 shelves 3″ x 24″, the 4th shelf is the one you have already in your store. Cut these shelves or have them cut.
Note: 1″ x 4″ is actually 3 1/2″ to 3 3/4″ and would work but might cut down on the number of rows needed but would give you a place

5. Place a jar on the bottom shelf and put a few incense sticks in it, place a jar behind the jar you just put some incense in and place it high enough so a label can fit on the jar behind it, measure that distance between the bottom of the shelf and the bottom of the back jar, subtract the thickness of the shelf you cut and you need to cut five 2″x4″s  legs that length.

6. Nail two sets of the 2″x4″s together (Fig. 1) so you will have two end legs made up of two 2″x4″s and save one for the center brace.

7. Double the length of the first set of 2″x4″s and repeat set #6. If you have more tiers, just add the first tier length to each shelf and repeat #6

8. Once all the legs are cut, put each set of tiers together (Fig 2) by putting two nails or screws in each set of legs, put the shelf on top of the legs, two doubles and one single 2″x4″ for support. (Fig. 3)

9. Place each set of tiers behind each other, shortest in front to tallest at the back. (Fig 4, 5)

10. Hold each set of shelves together by placing one nail or screw through the top of the shelf into the leg of the taller shelf (Fig. 5) to bring stability to the entire unit. Be sure to do this on both sides.

11. Cover the entire Incense Display with fabric, glue, staple or hang fabric over the shelves and sides to cover everything. Let the front fabric be loose so you can use under the shelves for storage.

12. Place your jars in place, you can cut a hole under the fabric so you can glue it to the shelf but it will make it harder to clean. ( Fig. 6)

You have just created a Do It Yourself Incense Display at a fraction of the cost of pre-made displays and you are now ready to purchase incense sticks.