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Thank you! Because of your incense we are now known as the “incense headquarters” in our city – named by the college students that frequent our store. Everyone else around here seems to carry cheapo gas station brands -Barbara

Thank you very much for the personalization in your company. I love the fact that you are so interactive with your customers. I hope to continue to do great business with you.

Thanks Stephanie


You guys are just the best.  Funny story, we have been using a similar bottle for about 20 years (the same ones haha) and they always leaked and we could never, ever find a darned gasketed one.  Well, when we buy the opium oil from you, that bottle never leaks. So my husband thought to look for it!  We started looking and I said, wait, let’s just ask the good folks at Astral Seas!

We are your customers for life! Everything we have ever asked of you, you guys have helped us every single time.  True customer service at its finest.  And you can quote me on that anytime! Debbie C


Just opened my package, 1st order and am so very happy three bottles have left today and the display isn’t even up yet, thank you so much for such a wonderful product I will be back


Hey thanks for the help John…

Put two of these (24 fragrance stick displays) in my retail store which has increased sales by more than 15%. More people see the sticks and the color which has brought more people looking at our incense.
Joe H.


Thank you for your reply, I have already placed my first order with you, after having heard many positive comments about your product from other retailers. br /> Mr. Callahan


Just wanted to give everyone a HUGE thank you!!  Not only are your prices easy to work with but the fact that you went above and  beyond to get the product to us within such a short time frame is something to be very commended on.
Also, your product is AWESOME!! I am looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future
Sincerely, M.I.A. Black



Astral Sea makes an incense that is my all-time favorite! “Autumn” (And that’s saying something, cause I love MANY incenses!!) …

Thank you!


I received my order of incense sticks on Monday. I could not be more pleased. The quality and quantity are more than excellent. I am happy to have found your website.

Mary Jo Z.


Good Evening! I just received these wonderful fragrances when I came home tonight and the aroma was very uplifting after a long day at work. So, after smelling all four fragrances, I went and bought a potpourri burner since I did not own one. The Water Lily is burning above me and the Abundance is burning in the kitchen. I just wanted to say thank you for making my day! :-)

Kim Lurvey


Dear John:
I received my order yesterday and we were very pleased. I have not been an incense person because of the strong smell and the smoke. I like these. My husband likes incense allot and he was the one that wanted them. I will be ordering from you again very soon. How much are you ash catchers? I am going to need some plus more incense.
Thank You,


I love the incense cones and oil. I’ll be buying more. Which ones do you like? any one you recommend??

Just drop a note when you can,  A friend from New York, Angie



I’m so thrilled with the oil, aroma lamp, and cones that I’m placing my second order.

Also, would you mind sending me a few samples of other oils or cones I haven’t tried for next time when I order?

Thank you kindly, Andrea



I received my order today. Thank you very much. I couldn’t be happier. You’ve gained yourself a loyal customer due to your handling of the problems we had. I certainly appreciate it.

Take care,


Dear John:

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order (of oils) today and that I’m very happy with them. I’m sure I’ll be ordering more from you in the future…in fact, probably the not-too-distant future!


I was really excited when I received the items I ordered previously. The oils are fantastic and the fragrance bottles are really beautiful!. Thank you for your time.
Sincerely ,
Farah rose
Farah Rose Creations, L.L.C.


Good Morning John,

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you that I received my order on Friday and to say Thanks!! The incense is superb!! Extremely fragrant and long burning. Also thank you for the bottle of lilac oil you threw in there. My wife loved that! Thanks again!

-= Bob =-


Thanks for all of your help, the order arrived this morning, I am very pleased with your promptness and efficiency. Look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Yours Sincerely


Just to let you know I received the package. I’m very pleased with the product and hope to be doing quite a bit more business with you. Thanks for your help in getting the package here.



I wanted to let you know that we received our incense & are very pleased with it. We do intend to purchase again.


I received your shipment yesterday, and just wanted to drop a note saying how very pleased I am with the quality of your incense. I will be sure to purchase all my future supplies from you.

John James



Thank you for checking into my order and getting it done. You do a great job – tell the boss I said that he should give you a raise!!

Metal Forever!!
Patricia “Metal Goddess”


Thank You for such a quick response, you have been the first that has been efficient, of those that I choose off the web, so looking forward to doing business, Again, thanks so much,

Customer ID: Crafty2


Received my order yesterday. Thank You for your fast service. Its nice doing business with you.



Hello and thanks for getting back to me. I needed this order so fast, I already put an order through with another company. But, you never know what can happen. In any event, I am very glad to have found you and will  be ordering from you soon.

Thanks so much for responding to me and I am looking forward to doing business with you in the near future.
Sincerely, Shelley


Hi John:
I received my order of incense today and it is a terrific product!! I’ll be purchasing from you again!

Thanks & regards,



I recently purchased a variety of different types of incense from your web store, and I must say that I have been impressed by how quickly I received the goods.

Bulk Incense, Bath Salts & Perfume Oils with Quality Hard To Match

Bulk Incense Sticks

Bulk Cone Incense

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The quality of our oils used in our incense sticks, cones and powders are hard to beat. We use only the finest oils to bring quality to the product in your store. . We have never received a complaint on the quality of our fragrances which is what brings repeat customers. We do not carry what we call Flea Market and Head Shop quality that can be purchased for the same cost, we strive to bring you the quality you deserve. Our products are great for gifts.
Also do not overlook our

Bulk Stick Fragrances

With over 145 fragrances you can find the fragrance for most any clientele you might be trying to please. Incense is one of those products which bring customers back into your shop, especially when it's a quality fragrance like ours.
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View Air
View Almond
View Amaretto
View Amber (Tibetan)
View Amber Musk
View Aphrodite
View Apple Cinnamon
View Astral Sea
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View Bayberry
View Bergamot
View Black Cherry
View Black Love
View Black Opium
View Cactus Blossom
View Candy Cane
View Carnation
oder Cedarwood
View Celtic Mystery
View Chai Tea
View Chocolate
View Chocolate Cherry
View Cinnamon Spice
View Circle
View Clove Leaf
View Coconut
View Copal
View Country Meadows
View Cream
View Cucumber
View Daydream
View Deep Woods
View Divination
View Dragon Lady
View Dragon Mist
View Dragon Song
View Dragon's Blood
View Dream
View Earth
View Egyptian Musk
View Enchanted Forest
View Eucalyptus
View Fairy Fantasy
View Fairy Farts
View Fire
View Forest Lord
View Frangipani
View Frankincense
View Frankincense & Myrrh
View French Lavender
View French Vanilla
View Full Moon
View Gardenia
View Gingerflower
View Gingerbread
View God
View Goddess
View Green Apple
View Green Tea
View Grandmas Cookies
View Graham Cracker
View Guardian Angel
View Hawaiian Plumeria
View Healing
View Herb Garden
View Honeysuckle
View Japanese Cherry Blossom
View Inner Peace
View Irish Leather
View Jolly Roger
View Jungle Flower/White Flower
View Kiwi
View Kyphi (Egyptian Temple)
View Lemon
View Lemongrass
View Lilac
View Love
View Magic
View Meadowview
View Meditation
View Money Draw
View Moon
View Moon Dark
View Mountain Pine
View Mountain Rain
View Mulberry
View Musk
View Myrrh
View Nag Champa
View Narcissus
View Night Jasmine
View Nile Lotus
View Oatmeal, Honey & Cream
View Ocean Breeze
View Orange Blossom
View Pan
View Passion Fruit
View Patchouli
View Patchouli Champa
View Patchouli Rose
View Peace
View Peach
View Peppermint
View Peppermint Patty
View Pineapple
View Pinion Pine
View Pomegranate
View Prosperity
View Protection
View Purification
View Rain
View Rain Forest
View Rose
View Rose Cross
View Rosemary
View Sacred Sage
View Sacred Space
View Sandalwood
View Sandalwood Rose
View Satyr
View Scottish Heather
View Serenity
View Shaman
View Smokin' Hot
View Southern Magnolia
View Spice Trader
View Spiced Apple Cider
View Spring Mint
View Strawberry
View Success
View Summer Melon
View Sun
View Sweet Cherry Pie
View Sweet Dreams
View Sweet Orange
View Sweetgrass
View Temple
View Tropical Fruit
View Vetivert
View Water
View Wild Woman
View Wisteria
View Yin\Yang
View Ylang Ylang


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Some of the fragrances you can find in 100’s, 500’s, 1000’s and 10,000’s Stick Incense and Incense Cones by the pound all at prices for all businesses.