Luxury and Aroma Theraputic Bath Salts

Quality Bath Salts in bulk and Pre-packaged in 22 fragrances.

Our Pre-Packaged and Bulk Bath Salts come in scented salts that are prepackaged, fragrances bulk salts, and plain bath salts for mixing yourself, you can also find over 130 oil fragrances for your own creation. With a little education you can create bath salts for relaxation, love, and your health.

Our Retail and Bath Salts are pre-packaged and soon we will be carrying plain bath salt supplies to mix yourself for our retail customers.

Bath Salts Benefits

Benefits Of the Salts: There are many mineral-rich hot springs located around America and the globe known have been used for their healing abilities. For centuries people have traveled hundreds of miles to these spas to bathe, often finding relief for many ailments. Health experts believe that the warm water of these springs opens the pores of the skin to absorb the health giving microorganisms and the organic minerals contained in these waters.

The Oils: Essential oils contain unique healing properties.
With a bit of education, a user can develop blends that address not only stress (the result of a problem) but the problem as well. If the stress is being caused by insomnia, emotional distress, physical pain, different blends can help. This way you can address the causes and effects of stress. Also between baths, diffusers, room sprays, vaporizers, massages you have a variety of ways of getting the benefits of using essential oils into your home and body.

Aromatherapy has been practiced since the beginning of time. There are over 180 references to essential oils in the Bible, not too mention the many other cultures that have used fragrances for healing.

Aromatherapy has been actively practiced in every country in the world to some degree. It seems like it is a new idea because the United States is actually one of the last countries to embrace the benefits of essential oils.

Luxury Bath Salts can be purchased in pre-packaged 4oz. with the Astral Sea Label or 50 pound bulk salts for your packaging of your label or container.

4 oz. (2 to 4 baths per package) $1.50 to $2.00 Each retail
A Blend of Sea Salts, Desert Salts, Mineral Salts, with Oils of Sweet Almond, Safflower, Apricot Kernel,
Aloe Vera, Jojoba, & Vitamin E, Fragrance and Color.

Scented and unscented bath salts in 50 pound bulk bags in fine and course salts, as well as the two pre-packaged lines.

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salt-amberAmberA sweet layered scent, with spicy, earthy rich undertones.
salt-aphroAphroditeShow your beauty and love with a sensual garden and a hint of spice.
salt-lotusBay Rum *A slightly woody, sweet, earthy scent. The scent of bay rum is very distinctive.
salt-black-opiumBlack OpiumExotic, spicy and warm.
salt-carnationCarnation *Nostalgic, sweet and spicy.
salt-cucumberCucumber *Nostalgic, sweet and spicy.
salt-fairy-fartsFairy FartsYou asked for it, here it is. Sweetness layered scent, with overtones of fruit and a slightly musky rich undertones.
salt-forest-lordForest LordEarthy with the scent of the forest and a hint of sweetness, for men and women.
salt-honeysuckleHoneysuckleA space of remembrance of living in beauty, safety and wide eyed innocence.
salt-jasmineJasmineHeavenly, floral scent with a feel of the Orient.
salt-loveLoveFloral with a hint of musk to please the masculine.
salt-magicMagicMysterious, earthy and a hint of the Orient.
salt-muskMuskFresh, clean and sensual fragrance.
salt-lotusNile Lotus *Rich, intoxicating, warm, misty atmosphere of tropical forests or gardens.
salt-ocean-breezeOcean BreezeRefreshing scent of a ocean breeze.
salt-roseRoseFresh rose petals with a crisp true body but delicate
salt-sandlewoodSandalwoodSoft, airy and sweet with a Asian woody scent

What some of our bath salts customers use our pre-packaged and  bulk bath salts.

  • Baby Shower Baskets
  • Hotels
  • Labeling with your business label
  • Family labels for the Holidays
  • Gifts Baskets
  • Distributing, our prices are some of the best
  • Hot Tubs (check with manufacture first)
  • Foot Baths, several beauty salons use our salts for foot baths and sell them by the pound or less quantities..
  • We have been told that many use our Luxury Bath Salts in Mist Foggers.

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