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Looking to buy online for your retail store? We our your wholesale outlet for incense and other fragrance products..

Wholesale Incense Warehouse

A few words about JMW I LLC / Astral Sea.
Warehouse / Wholesale Incense

First and foremost, we are real and have been in business for over 25 years, since 1996 in Salem MO (see our listing with the Chamber of Commerce) under Astral Sea.

Warehouse collectionsFor those that have been with us since the beginning of our online wholesale catalog and store, you have seen, we are growing and trying to do better all the time.  We will still strive to keep that old fashion, friendly way of doing business with friendly and  quality service all the time. At the right is the 5000+ square foot incense warehouse located in Salem Missouri where you can find most all our supplies and we hand dip all our incense produces, all of the products people enjoy so much.

Wholesale Incense Central

Bulk Sticks in our wholesale warehouse

Our products have been in production for over 25 years now. Still using only essential oils and the highest quality oils available.

stick incense warehouseWe can custom blended oils to bring you high quality fragrance oils, incense sticks, cones, powders and bath salt supplies and accessories. We now have expanded to Burners and Aroma Lamps so that you can complete more of your business needs with one stop.

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Wholesale Incense Powder

Bulk Powders in our wholesale warehouse

Our classic formulations of fine natural herbs, spices and oils are designed to enhance the rites of passage, transformation, and spiritual growth that are so important in your life. We have created blends from many different traditions to suit the many experiences in your life.

incense rituals warehouseWith our central shopping cart you can pick all the items you want on that page and add all of them to the cart at once, except for our bulk sticks. NOT like those other carts that require you to add each item individually.

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Wholesale Incense Cones

Packaged Incense Sticks & Cones at our wholesale warehouseOur warehouse has over 140 fragrances of 1" and 2" cone incense, all hand dipped and blended with the finest fragrances available.

Travel to exotic locales and eras of exploration with our Trade Winds line.  Journey to the four corners of the world, and allow the trade winds to carry you to the adventures of your dreams.

New World Jumbo cones, long lasting and all natural, from the Sacred Herbs of Sage, Cedar, Copal, and Pine, to the gentle relaxing scents of Rose and Cactus Blossom, our New World Fragrances combine the traditional scents from many Native American Peoples with the ease of large easy-to-light cones.

Our Astrological fragrances, like our Metaphysical sticks, are based on ancient recipes.  These blended fragrances, traditionally associated with each astrological sign, can be combined with the planetary mini-sticks to match your personal horoscope, celebrate your birthday, or attune yourself to any significant transits.

Wholesale central for our  incense warehouse of quality sticks, cones and powders for almost any use. 

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John Watson, Owner
Salem, MO USA

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wholesaler and distributor of incense products & supplies online in the USA.


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We do not make the claim, however our customers have said, we have the best fragrances on the market! Someday there maybe a internet SCRATCH & SNIFF so you can smell the quality of our fragrances before you purchase!!!

Merchandise that sells well in your retail store. Our products not only bring customers back after trying our incense but is a great way to generate extra sales.

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