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Welcome to one of the largest and highest quality wholesale fragrance and incense sites on the internet with over 25 years in business.
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Wholesale Incense, Bath Salts, Smudges, Creams, Oils and more!

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Incense Sticks

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Incense Cones
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Incense Powders / Bulk and Packaged
Incense Powder

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Smokeless Incense
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Body Spray
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Goblets & Chalices
  Thanks for your interest in Astral Sea Fragrance, "The Finest Fragrances in the Cosmos"!

Astral Sea Fragrance has been producing the highest quality incense & fragrance products for 25 years, and we plan on continuing that tradition for many, many years to come. STOP paying for over priced products when you can get them here for much less or those cheap products that people only buy because it's there when they come back for our product.

In other words, we will be here for you. When you choose Astral Sea products you can be confident that they are not only of the freshest, highest quality, made with honesty and integrity, but also that next time you place an order we will be there.
We at Astral Sea pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction. We want to help you supply your customers with what they desire.
If you like, we can work with you to create a unique fragrance for your store, and you can have confidence that we will not simply rename that fragrance and sell it to someone else.
Our online store web-site is growing all the time; adding new fragrances, incense, bath salts, perfume creams and now a line of body sprays.







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