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Astral Sea bulk wholesale incense sticks hand dipped and packaged in the USA

Wholesale Incense Warehouse Central

Our products have been in production for over 25 years now. Still using only essential oils and the highest quality oils available.

We can custom blended oils to create some of the best fragrance oils on the market, incense sticks, cones, powders and bath salt supplies in both packaged and bulk. We now have expanded our fragrances so that you can complete more of your business needs.

Hand dipped wholesale incense sticks packaged in America

Wholesale incense bundlesWholesale charcoal incense bundles

The Finest Fragrances in the Cosmos

Wholesale incense (sticks, cones, powders & resins) Fragrance & Essential Oils, Bath Salts, Perfume Creams, Body Sprays, Amulets, Smudges, Sweetgrass and supplies.

All products are dipped and packaged at our warehouse here in the Salem, Missouri USA, we use quality fragrances which makes our product stand out from the rest. Once people try our fragrances they go out of their way to come back for more. Don't be fooled by consumer line, cheap gas station or Flea Market Incense that do not bring customers back, you may pay less but the fragrance and quality is not there. Astral Sea product line has been around for 0ver 25 years and our product sell well everywhere. Not only are your prices easy to work with, the product is AWESOME!!

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We make all our fragrance products our self, we blend our fragrances, we hand dip our incense and package them ourselves making most of our products made in the USA.

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AKA: Incense of the World

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